CMR for Plumbing, Gasfitting and Drainlaying [Ref: 0008]


Revision of Plumbing, Gasfitting and Drainlaying Industry Training Organisation Limited CMR


The Plumbing, Gasfitting and Drainlaying ITO Limited (the ITO) has completed the revision of the Consent and Moderation Requirements (CMR) above.


Date new version published                                                             March 2012


The next CMR review is planned to take place during 2013.


Summary of revision


Following the review of the National Certificate in Drainlaying [Ref: 0077], two new Drainlaying unit standards were developed which will be essential components of the Plumbers, Gasfitters and Drainlayers Board’s licensing requirements for drainlayers.  To ensure the competency of persons engaged in drainlaying services a requirement for the two new standards was added to the moderation requirements.


Changes were made to clarify requirements relating to Criterion 3, Staff selection, appraisal and development, at the request of a stakeholder.  The teacher and assessor knowledge and skills requirements were clarified.


Criterion 4, Student entry requirements were amended to clarify literacy and numeracy requirements.


The moderation system requirement for pre-assessment moderation of self-developed assessment materials was clarified following feedback from a stakeholder.


Compliance with new requirements


Requirements for consent to assess will apply with effect from April 2012.


Moderation system requirements will apply with effect from April 2012.


Organisations with consent to assess will be expected to be able to demonstrate compliance with the CMR from October 2012.


Main changes


Requirements for Consent to Assess (RCA)


Industry or sector-specific requirements for consent to assess

Criterion 3

·      The specific qualifications to be held by teaching and assessing staff to meet requirements of current licences in relevant trades were updated.  New provisions apply only to staff appointed after the publication date of the revised CMR.  Terminology was updated to include certifying, a new licence category for drainlayers.  Clarification was provided that it is not intended that teaching and assessing staff hold current practising licences but that they, at appointment, meet and continue to meet the licensing eligibility requirements related to qualifications and professional development.


Criterion 4

·      Student entry requirements, specifically numeracy and literacy and IELTS levels, were updated.

·      The SSB’s literacy and numeracy assessments of drainlaying trainees, based on profiling of workplace and learning demands, informed the changes.  Revised entry levels are designed to ensure students have the opportunity to meet the qualification requirements and related licensing requirements of their trade.

·      Credit for the registered unit standard 25425, included in the SSB-registered qualification at Level 2 and available through Gateway and provider-based programmes (and to be incorporated into National Certificates of Plumbing, Gasfitting and Drainlaying at Level 4) was added as meeting the requirements for numeracy.

·      The minimum IELTS level of 5.5 was retained but the listening strand was added to the requirements. 


Moderation Requirements (MR)


Moderation System

·      Reference to annual moderation requirement for standards 27332 and 27334, which are required to meet regulatory requirements, was added.

·      The requirement for pre-assessment moderation of all self-developed assessment materials was clarified.  A schedule of standards for which assessment materials will be required from the organisations with consent to assess has been implemented by the ITO since 2009 and will be negotiated with those organisations on an annual basis.