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Revision and rollover and transfer of responsibility of Work and Study Skills unit standard 16688





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Work and Study Skills



The NZ Motor Industry Training Organisation (Inc) has completed the revision and rollover of the unit standard listed above and transferred the standard setting responsibility to the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) National Qualification Services (NQS).


Date new versions published                                                          April 2013


Planned review date                                                                           December 2015




The reason for the revision was to transfer the standard setting responsibility for this standard to NZQA NQS, as the outcomes are generic and do not warrant an industry-specific standard.  The standard has also been rolled over to extend its planned review date.


The standard has been transferred to Consent and Moderation Requirements (CMR) 0023 as the specific criteria for consent to assess against this standard and the national external moderation requirements are consistent with the Work and Study Skills domain.


Main changes


·      Standard Setting Body changed to NZQA NQS.

·      CMR changed from 0114 to 0023.


Impact on existing organisations with consent to assess


Organisations carrying out assessment against this standard in 2013 must meet the requirements for moderation outlined in CMR 0023.  Details of these requirements can be found at


Impact on Consent and Moderation Requirements (CMR)


The unit standard has been transferred from CMR 0114 to 0023.


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Identify and manage the effects of shift work