Revision of Diversional Therapy qualification


National Certificate in Diversional Therapy (Level 4) [Ref: 0727]


Careerforce, the Community Support Services ITO Limited, has revised the qualification above.


Date new version published                                                             August 2013


This qualification is currently being reviewed as part of the Health and Disability, Social Services and Whanu Ora Mandatory Review.


Reason for the revision


The qualification was revised because one of the compulsory standards has been designated expiring.


Main changes resulting from the revision


With the compulsory standard 5012 being replaced by standard 27833 as the result of a review, the Society of Diversional Therapists New Zealand Inc (the Society) was consulted about amending the qualification covered by this report. On the basis that the focus of standard 26977 changed in this same review, the Society opted to have version 6 of this qualification provide a choice of either 26977 or 27833 in place of 5012.


Changes to structure and content

·         Standard 5012 was removed from the Compulsory section.

·         An Elective section was added.

·         The credits required to complete the qualification were amended.




People currently working towards version 5 of this qualification may either complete the requirements for that version or transfer their results to this version of the qualification.


Those who choose to complete version 5 need to be aware that the last date for assessment for standard 5012 is 31 December 2014.  Candidates will need to have achieved credit for the expiring standard before that date.


Anyone who feels they have been disadvantaged by these transition arrangements should contact the Community Support Services ITO Limited at the address below.


Careerforce (Community Support Services Industry Training Organisation Ltd)

PO Box 2637

Wellington 6140


Telephone     03 371 9295

Facsimile       03 371 9285