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Revision of Forest Operations Advanced qualification


National Certificate in Forest Operations Advanced (Level 4) with strands in Establishment and Silvicultural Operations Management, Production Tree Felling, Hauler Set-Up, Machine Operations - Hauler, Head Breaker Out - Cable Harvesting, Log Making, Machine Operations - Log Extraction, Machine Operations - Loader, Mechanised Tree Felling, Mechanised Processing, Helicopter Logging, and Inventory [Ref: 1412]


FITEC has revised the qualification above.


Date new version published                                                             January 2013


This qualification is currently under review.  That process should be completed in 2013.


Reason for the revision


This qualification was revised after feedback from industry advising of amendments required to make the qualification achievable for a wider audience within the industry.


Main changes resulting from the revision


The Production Tree Felling strand has been amended to allow the option of choosing between unit standards 24569 and 24570.  Expiring unit standards have been replaced.


Changes to structure and content

·        The title of standard 24576 has changed from Manage a crew in a commercial forest operation to Supervise a crew in a commercial forest operation.  This gives an improved separation between supervisors and managers.

·        The Production Tree Felling strand has had the compulsory section adjusted resulting in the machine assisted felling standards (24569 and 24570) being moved to an elective section.  In most operations machinery is only suited to one of these assisted felling operations.

·        Standard 1266 is expiring and has been replaced by unit standard 26799 in the Hauler Set-Up, Machine Operations - Hauler and Head Breaker out - Cable Harvesting strands.

·        Standard 1231 has been reduced from Level 4 to Level 3.  This change is reflected in the Head Breaker Out - Cable Harvesting and Machine Operations - Log Extraction strands.

·        Standard 6937 is expiring and has been replaced by unit standard 27628 in the Machine Operations - Log Extraction strand.

·        Standard 24584 relating to use of a computerised system in a mechanised harvesting machine is related to processing of logs rather than felling.  This unit standard has been moved from the Mechanised Tree Felling strand to the Mechanised Processing strand.

·        The title for standard 17771 in several of the strand electives has been amended and the credits have increased from 5 to 15.




Candidates enrolled in version 2 of this qualification can choose to complete that version or transfer their existing achievements to this version.  All new candidates will be enrolled in version 3 of this qualification.


The last date for assessment against version 2 of this qualification is December 2014.


It is not intended that any existing candidate be disadvantaged by these arrangements.  However, any candidate who considers they have been disadvantaged may appeal to:


Forest Industries Training and Education Council (FITEC)

PO Box 137 067


Auckland 1151


Telephone         09 356 7250