CMR for NZQA Computing and Information Technology [Ref: 0011]

CMR for NZQA Core Skills, and Communication Skills [Ref: 0023]

CMR for NZQA Special Education [Ref: 0100]


Review of NZQA National Qualifications Services CMRs


NZQA National Qualifications Services has completed the review of the Consent and Moderation Requirements (CMR) above.


Date new versions published                                                          May 2013


The next review of these CMRs is planned to take place during 2018.




NZQA National Qualifications Services have undertaken a strategic review of all CMRs in their jurisdiction to ensure that they are relevant and current.  These three CMRs have been reviewed together as they required minimal change to achieve the outcome above.


Compliance with new requirements


Requirements for consent to assess will apply with effect from May 2013.


Moderation system requirements will apply with effect from December 2013.


Organisations with consent to assess will be expected to be able to demonstrate compliance with the CMR from December 2013 onwards.


Main changes


CMR for NZQA Computing and Information Technology [Ref: 0011]

CMR for NZQA Core Skills, and Communication Skills [Ref: 0023]

CMR for NZQA Special Education [Ref: 0100]


Requirements for Consent to Assess (RCA)


Visit waiver conditions

·        Conditions have been standardised across the three CMRs.


Industry or sector-specific requirements for consent to assess

·        Criterion 1 of CMR 0100 was amended to ensure current research, industry and community expertise and post-participatory experiences of the learner inform special education programme development and evaluation.

·        Criterion 3 requirements have been standardised across the three CMRs.


Moderation Requirements (MR)


The moderation requirements have been updated to reflect the process used by NZQA to moderate its standards.  They comprehensively describe the moderation system and requirements for reporting, funding, non-compliance, and appeals that apply across the three CMRs.


The Moderation System outlines:

·        Responsibilities of NZQA units, moderators, schools and Tertiary Education Organisations (TEOs)

·        Moderation plans for schools and TEOs and submission dates

·        How moderation occurs and the materials required for moderation.


The Reporting section provides information about moderation reports, annual summary of moderation outcomes letters to schools, and the annual National External Moderation Results report for TEOs.


The Funding section indicates that NZQA may charge for any additional activities required to address issues identified through moderation.  Activities such as pre-assessment moderation, additional moderation, visits to TEOs to discuss assessment or moderation issues will be charged at $150/hr (GST excl).


The Non-compliance with moderation requirements section clarifies actions that may be taken by NZQA as the standard setting body.


The Appeals section provides contact details and information about the process for schools and TEOs wishing to appeal a moderation decision.