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Revision of Tourism qualification


National Certificate in Tourism (Introductory Skills) [Ref: 0875]


ServiceIQ has revised the qualification listed above.


Date new versions published                                                          Month 2013


This qualification is currently being review as part of the Tourism mandatory review.


Reason for the revision


This qualification has been revised as Set B in Elective 1 includes a large number of standards which have been designated expired or expiring.  The remaining standards available in this set no longer meet the requirements of industry and therefore the qualification has been revised to remove Set B.


Main changes resulting from the revision


·      The total credits were reduced from 54 to 46.

·      Set B was removed from Elective 1.

·      The title and credits of standard 2989 in Elective 1 Set A were corrected.




People currently working towards version 3 may either complete the requirements for that version or transfer their results to version 4.  People who continue to work towards Set B in Elective 1 for version 3 must complete the requirements before 31 December 2013 when the standards expire.


It is not intended that any person should be disadvantaged by the revision of this qualification.  Candidates who feel they have been disadvantaged by these transition arrangements should contact ServiceIQ at the address below.



PO Box 25522

Featherston Street

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Telephone               04 817 5200