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Revision of Maintenance and Diagnostics in Mechanical Engineering unit standard 11401





Mechanical Engineering

Maintenance and Diagnostics in Mechanical Engineering



Competenz has completed the revision of the unit standard above.


Date new version published                                                             October 2013


Planned review date                                                                           December 2016




Competenz has revised unit standard 11401 because of an achievement issue identified by industry.  Version 5 of the unit standard contained a compulsory range of measuring types across several engineering disciplines.  Because of the breadth of this range the unit standard could not be achieved by most of the candidates it was intended for.


After consultation with industry, Competenz changed the range of measurement types to specify three generic types as compulsory, and a list from which three able to be selected to suit the candidate’s field of expertise.


Minor changes were also made to the unit standard content to clarify assessment requirements and remove ambiguities.


Main changes


·         Explanatory notes were updated to standardise terms and add a definition of physical measurements.

·         The unit standard range was changed to require six measurement types - three compulsory and three selected from a supplied list.

·         Evidence requirements were reworded, and two ranges removed, to provide clarification and remove ambiguities.