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Extension of expiry of Telecommunications unit standards





Telecommunications - Management and Operational Support


Telecommunications - Service Delivery

7064, 7065, 17396, 17397,

17485-17494, 20851, 20852,

25266, 25267

The Skills Organisation has completed the extension of expiry of the unit standards listed above.

Date new versions published 16 April 2015

New expiry date 31 December 2018


The expiry of the unit standards, and associated national qualifications, in telecommunications was extended to allow the qualifications to be used until the development of programmes leading towards the new New Zealand qualifications is completed and programmes are available.

Main changes

The expiry of date of the unit standards was extended from 31 December 2016 to

31 December 2018.

The expiry date of the following national qualifications was extended from 31 December 2016 to 31 December 2018.

National Certificate in Telecommunications (Level 2) [Ref: 0338];

National Certificate in Telecommunications (Level 3) with strands in Bearer and Switch, Building and Data Cabling, Customer Access Network, Customer Premises Equipment, Information and Communications Technology, Radio, and Rigging [Ref: 0767];

National Certificate in Telecommunications (Level 4) with strands in Bearer and Switch; Building and Data Cabling; Customer Access Network; Customer Premises Equipment; Information and Communications Technology; and Radio [Ref: 1002].

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