Field          Education


Revision and rollover of Early Childhood Education and Care unit standards and Revision and rollover of Pacific Islands Early Childhood Education unit standards





Early Childhood Education and Care

Early Childhood: Educational Theory and Practice

9302, 9306, 9308, 9312, 9314, 9325, 10013, 10019-10026, 10028, 10029, 26707-26712, 27145

Early Childhood: Family, Whānau, Community, and Society

9331, 9332, 9337, 20406, 20407, 27146

Early Childhood: Professional Practice

9293, 9297, 10032, 10033, 12736, 26714-26716

Pacific Islands Early Childhood Education

Pacific Early Childhood Education: Curriculum

18780-18785, 18789, 18792, 26353-26355, 26694-26697, 26747

Pacific Early Childhood Education: Family

18797, 18798

Pacific Early Childhood Education: Management

18800, 18803-18806, 26698

Pacific Early Childhood Education: Professional Development

18794, 18795

Pacific Island Early Childhood Education: Cultural Support



NZQA National Qualifications Services has completed the revision and rollover of the 75 unit standards listed above.


Date new versions published                                                          August 2015


Planned review date                                                                           December 2019




The mandatory review of Early Childhood Education (ECE) qualifications, which includes Pacific Islands Early Childhood Education (PIECE) qualifications, is currently underway, and the ECE unit standards above are due for review in 2015.  The flow-on effects of the mandatory review on these standards is unknown, so they have been revised and rolled over to extend their period of listing on the Directory of Assessment Standards (DAS).  Once the current review of ECE qualifications has been completed and new qualifications listed, the ECE and PIECE unit standards will be progressively reviewed in light of the new qualifications.


Changes have been made only where necessary to ensure the standard is current (e.g. with legislation and regulations) and where there have been issues with clarity or intent.


Main changes


·      A last date for assessment has been added to the previous versions of these unit standards.

·      The planned review date for these standards has been extended from 2015 to 2019.

·      Explanatory notes were clarified from feedback received, to better reflect intent and to update relevant guidelines, legislation, and links to websites.

·      Removed reference to capital and operational funding terminology in evidence requirements for standard 12736, to better reflect Ministry of Education funding handbook language; minor modification to evidence requirement 2.2 of standard 27146 and evidence requirement 1.2 of standard 10033, to clarify and fit with current terminology.


There are no impacts on existing organisations with consent to assess, on Consent and Moderation Requirements (CMR), or on registered qualifications, as a result of this revision and rollover.