Review of Boatbuilding qualification


National Certificate in Boatbuilding (Level 4) with strands in Marine Cabinetmaking, Composite Sparmaking, Alloy Boatbuilding, Marine Rigging, Interior and Exterior Marine Painting, Composite Boatbuilding, Steel Boatbuilding, Wooden Boatbuilding, Marine Systems Engineering, Metal Sparmaking, Composite Production Trailer Boats, and Alloy Production Trailer Boats [Ref: 0877]


The NZ Marine and Composites Industry Training Organisation (NZMACITO) has completed the revision of the qualification listed above.


Date new version published                                                             July 2015


The next qualification review is planned to take place before December 2015.


Reason for the revision


A revision of this qualification was prompted by the expiry of unit standards 97, 100, and 1073.  NZMACITO has revised the qualification so that learners are able to achieve the qualification thereby maintaining the achievability of this qualification.  These standards were compulsory in the Interior and Exterior Marine Painting strand.

The opportunity was also taken to remove first aid standards 6401 and 6402 as industry confirms that graduates of this qualification need to be competent in health and safety requirements but not in the provision of first aid.


Main changes resulting from the revision


·      Expired unit standards 97, 100, and 1073 were removed from the compulsory section of the Interior and Exterior Martine Painting strand.

·      Expired unit standard 5231 was removed from the common elective list.

·      Unit standards 6401 and 6402 were removed.

·      The credit value for the strand Interior and Exterior Marine Painting, has decreased from 247 to 217 credits.




People working towards version 5 of this qualification may either complete the requirements of that version by December 2016 or transfer their results to version 6.  Programmes leading to the award of version 6 of the qualification can start when this version is registered.  All new candidates will be enrolled onto programmes leading to the award of version 6.


This qualification contains standards that have expired standards - unit standards 97, 100, and 1073.  The outcomes of standards 97 and 100 are assessed by standard 11791.  There is no replacement standard for unit standard 1073 which meets the need of industry.  Therefore, there are no exemptions applicable.


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Telephone              0800 600 242



Key to Qualification Review Categories


Category A

The qualification is published as a new version with the same NZQF ID

Changes are made to SSB name, contact details or purpose statement

No change is made to title, rules or components of the qualification

No transition arrangements are required

Category B

The qualification is published as a new version with the same NZQF ID

Changes are made to title, rules or components

The new version of the qualification recognises a similar skill set to that recognised by the previous version

The SSB is confident that people awarded the new or previous version are comparable in terms of competence

Transition arrangements are required if candidates must gain additional/different credits for the new version

Category C

A new (replacement) qualification is published with new NZQF ID

Significant changes are made to the qualification in terms of components, structure, type or level

The SSB views people with the replacement qualification as being significantly different in terms of competence from those with the replaced qualification

Transition arrangements are required

Transition may be limited to phase-out dates

Category D

Qualification will expire.

There is no replacement qualification

Qualification is no longer required by industry

The qualification is designated as expiring and a last date for meeting the qualification requirements is set