Field          Humanities


Revision and rollover of English Language unit standards






English Language

27979-28001, 28022, 28050-28073


NZQA National Qualifications Services has completed the revision and rollover of the unit standards listed above.


Date new versions published                                                          21 May 2015


Planned review date                                                                           31 December 2017




In 2015, NZQA National Qualifications Services initiated the revision and rollover of unit standards from the domain English Language.  These unit standards were scheduled for review by December 2015.  However, due to the review of New Zealand Certificates in English Language, scheduled for August 2015, it was decided to rollover the unit standards until the full review takes place to align the unit standards to the reviewed qualifications.


Main changes


·      Adjustments to wording for clarification of meaning and correction of errors.

·      An update of referencing to A New General Service List.

·      Vocabulary requirements in reading unit standards were adjusted to provide guidelines for the selection of text level.