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Revision and Rollover of Māori Performing Arts unit standards

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Māori Performing Arts

Māori Performing Arts Creation

13362, 13366, 13370, 13375,


Māori Performing Arts Teaching

13361, 13365, 13369, 13374,

15021, 19909

NZQA Māori Qualifications Services (MQS) has completed the revision and rollover of the unit standards listed above.

Date new versions published October 2015

Planned review date 31 December 2017


These unit standards have been revised and rolled over to maintain their currency. The Māori Performing Arts Levels 6 and 7 unit standards will be reviewed comprehensively following the listing of the Ngā Toi qualifications (of which, Māori Performing Arts is one of the contextual qualifiers) currently being developed as part of the mandatory review.

Main change

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Printed 11/11/2015