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Extension of expiry date for Glass and Glazing unit standard 18924

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Competenz has extended the expiry date of the unit standard above.

Date new versions published October 2015 Summary

The unit standard listed above is designated to expire on 31 December 2015.

The Targeted Review of Qualifications (TRoQ) in the Manufacturing sector has resulted in a full review of unit standards and development of training and assessment resources.

As part of the TRoQ process Competenz has developed transition plans for candidates enrolled in programmes leading to replaced national qualifications. Given the significant difference in size, outcomes and detailed content, between national qualifications and replacement New Zealand qualifications Competenz has implemented a policy that learners finish what they start.

It was therefore necessary to extend the expiry date of the unit standard to allow enough time for qualification candidates to complete the requirements of their programmes.

Main changes

The expiry date was extended to 31 December 2018.

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