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Extension of Last Date for Assessment on previous versions of Meat Processing unit standards





Meat Processing

Animal Product Examination

13485, 14899, 17689

Boning Operations

20226, 21159, 24601, 24602

Meat Industry Rendering

3108 - 3111, 27262, 27263, 27265, 27268

Meat Manufacturing


Meat Quality

3097, 16471, 16539, 26290, 26291, 26292, 26293, 26294, 26295, 26296, 26297,

Pre and Post Slaughter and Dressing

16496,  20641, 20642, 20981,  21325, 21623,23352, 25837, 25840,  25841, 25927, 27003

Primary Products Food Processing - Operational Skills

25924, 25926


The Primary Industry Training Organisation has completed the extension of the last date for assessment on previous versions for the unit standards listed above. 


Date new versions published                                                          17 September 2015


Planned expiry date                                                                            31 December 2018




The unit standards listed above appear in a range of qualifications that are being replaced with new qualifications under the Targeted Review of Qualifications process.  The unit standards were revised in January 2015 and the last dates for assessment on the previous version of the unit standard was 31 December 2016. Candidates enrolled in the current national qualifications will be unable to complete those qualifications unless the last dates for assessment of the previous version of the unit standards are amended to align with the qualification expiry dates. The tables below outline which version of the unit standards last date for assessment was extended.


Main changes


Standards listed above under the Meat Processing subfield were revised and the previous version of the unit standards last date of assessment was changed from 31 December 2016 to 31 December 2018.

Amendment of credit values of unit standard 23352 due to administration error.







Detailed of unit standard credit amendment


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Demonstrate knowledge of the slaughtering of livestock in a meat processing operation