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Revision of Digital Technologies Achievement Standards


Achievement standards



Subject reference

Digital Technologies


Digital Technologies 1.50


Digital Technologies 1.51


Digital Technologies 3.46


The Ministry of Education has completed a revision of the achievement standards listed above.


New Registration date                                                                                 November 2016


Date new versions published                                                                    November 2016


Planned review date                                                                                    December 2018


Summary of revision and consultation process

Feedback from NZQA and from the New Zealand Association for Computing, Digital and Information Technology Teachers (NZACDITT) received earlier this year indicated that the requirements for these standards were being misinterpreted because of the way some of the explanatory notes had been worded.  This was resulting in students misunderstanding the nature of the evidence required for the standards.

Sector consultation

In July this year, feedback was received from digital technologies teachers and NZQA on the draft amended achievement standards.  As a result of, and in line with this feedback, the wording in the explanatory notes was further refined.


Main changes resulting from the revision


·         The explanatory notes in all three standards were amended to better outline the requirements of the standards.

·         The planned review date for standard 91367 was changed from 31 December 2016 to 31 December 2018.