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Revision of Reo Māori achievement standards





Subject reference

Reo Māori



Te Reo Māori 1.2


Te Reo Māori 2.2



Te Reo Māori 1.5


Te Reo Māori 2.5



Te Reo Māori 1.1


Te Reo Māori 2.1


The Ministry of Education has completed a revision of the achievement standards listed above.


Date new versions published                                                                    November 2016


Planned review date                                                                                    December 2018


Summary of revision and consultation process

Feedback from NZQA received recently via the Coherence Report – Te reo Māori identified minor errors in two standards, 91085 and 91288, and the omission of an Explanatory Note linking to the Conditions of Assessment in the three Level 1 standards.

Feedback from NZQA received earlier this year also indicated that these Level 2 standards contain sufficiency requirements which are not aligned and consistent with the Level 1 and Level 3 standards.  This is resulting in confusion about the sufficiency of the evidence required for the standards.  No other Languages standards contain statements about the level of evidence required.

Removal of the sufficiency statements will align the standards with all other Languages standards and will remove the confusion over how many pieces of evidence are needed.

Statements of sufficiency will be indicated in the Conditions of Assessment, as is done in other Learning Languages standards.

Sector consultation

The NZQA kahui reviewed the Level 2 standards in April.  The moderator passed on their recommendation that the sufficiency statements in the standards be removed.


Main changes resulting from the revision


·         Removal of the sentences in explanatory note 2 that qualify the number of pieces of evidence required for the Level 2 standards.

·         Addition of an Explanatory Note which links to the Conditions of Assessment in the Level 1 standards will help teachers to have clear guidance about selecting the appropriate type of assessment

·         Amendment of minor errors in two standards will make the criteria clearer.