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New Music achievement standard 91849




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Making Music


Making Music 3.11


The Ministry of Education has developed the new Music achievement standard listed above.


New Registration date                                                                                 November 2016


Date new version published                                                                      November 2016


Planned review date                                                                                    December 2018


Summary of review and consultation process


The Ministry has been aware of feedback from the school sector for songwriting to be recognised for achievement towards NCEA. Initially it was thought that the existing Level 3 achievement standard 91419 Making Music 3.4 Communicate musical intention by composing three original pieces of music could be used for assessment of the composition of the music and an English standard on crafted writing could be used for the composition of the lyrics.  However, feedback from music teachers made it clear that it is not possible to assess the composition of the music independently from the lyrics.  The quality of the song depends on the complex interrelationship between the music and the lyrics.


Sector consultation


Feedback from music teachers late in 2015 indicated a need for this standard.  A small expert working group drafted the standard in July this year and feedback from consultation in September showed a large majoirty in favour of the draft standard and has enabled some further refinement of the standard.  A draft assessment resource has also been developed for this standard.


Main changes resulting


A new Level 3 achievement standard that assesses songwriting – both music and lyrics - in a holistic way, has been developed.  This standard derives from the curriculum Level 8 achievement objective in the developing ideas strand of the music section of the Arts learning area.


New Achievement Standard


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Compose three original songs which express imaginative thinking