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Extension of Expiry Date and Revision of Electronic Installation and Maintenance unit standard 8191





Electronic Engineering

Electronic Installation and Maintenance



The Infrastructure ITO has completed the extension of expiry date and the revision of the above unit standard to facilitate the change of standard setting body responsibility and to extend its last date of assessment.


Date new version published                                                             September 2016


Expiry date                                                                                            December 2018




The Infrastructure ITO has taken over the standard setting responsibility of the Telecommunications sector from The Skills Organisation.  Unit standard 8191 is in the mandatory section of the National Certificate in Telecommunications (Level 3) with strands in Bearer and Switch, Building and Data Cabling, Customer Access Network, Customer Premises Equipment, Information and Communications Technology, Radio, and Rigging [Ref: 0767].  The last date of assessment for this unit standard needs alignment with the last date of assessment of the qualification.


Main changes


·      The last date for assessment has been changed from December 2016 to December 2018.

·      Unit standard 8191 is now covered by CMR 0120.