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Extension of expiry date of Guest Services unit standard 22338






Guest Services



ServiceIQ has extended the expiry date of the unit standard listed above.


New expiry date                                                                                   December 2020


Date new versions published                                                          Month 2016




Industry requires the availability of unit standard 22338 for programmes offered under the National Diploma in Hospitality (Operational Management) (Level 5) with strands in Kitchen Management, Food and Beverage Management, Rooms Division Management, Functions Management, Quick Service Restaurants Management, and Food Services Management [Ref: 1245].  Unit standard 22338 is required for the core elective or to balance set of programmes, particularly for trainees working towards the Rooms Division Management Strand.


ServiceIQ, in consultation with industry, is working on the development of new standards for programmes towards the New Zealand Diploma in Hospitality Management (Level 5) [Ref: 2539].


ServiceIQ has extended the expiry date of above unit standard to align with the last date of assessment of the expiring qualification.  This ensures that learners are not disadvantaged by the time-lag in the development process.


Main changes


The last date for assessment for unit standard 22338 has been changed from December 2016 to December 2020.