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Rollover and revision of Real Estate unit standards





Real Estate

Residential and Commercial Property Management

4683-4688, 22303, 22305, 22308, 22309, 27487, 27493

Rural, Residential, Commercial and Business Sales



The Skills Organisation (Skills) has completed the rollover and revision of the unit standards listed above.


Date new versions published                                                          August 2017


Planned review date                                                                           December 2020




The unit standards were rolled over and revised to extend their period of listing on the Directory of Assessment Standards (DAS).  All standards listed above meet current industry requirements and no feedback was received from specialists in the real estate industry that indicated a need for any changes to these standards.


Changes were made only where necessary to ensure each standard is current (e.g. with legislation, references, definitions, assessment, and current templates).


Main changes


·      All standards were revised in the updated template.

·      All standards had their planned review dates extended to 31 December 2020.

·      All standards had minor updates to the guidance information.