Field          Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries


Revision of Tree Felling unit standard 24585






Tree Felling



Competenz has completed the revision of unit standard 24585.


Date new version published                                                             January 2017


Planned review date                                                                           December 2020





It was identified after the recent review that changes made to the tree felling suite of unit standards inadvertently restricted arborists and Department of Conservation staff from completing unit standard 24585.  These people do not work in a commercial forestry operation and would not normally hold the required pre-requisite unit standard 28561.


A second alternative pre-requisite unit, developed to cover equivalent skills for non-commercial fallers, was added to unit standard 24585.  The change was endorsed by Competenz and the NZ Forest Owners Association, Forest Industry Contractors Association, Department of Conservation, Forest Safe (Contracted to Forest Industry Safety Council).


Main change


·      Unit standard 28562 was added as an alternative critical health and safety pre-requisite to unit standard 24585.