Field          Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries


Revision of Production Horticulture unit standard 29924






Production Horticulture



The Primary ITO has completed the revision of the unit standard listed above.


Date new version published                                                             July 2017


Planned review date                                                                           December 2022




The Primary ITO has revised unit standard 29924.  The change allows the learner to either develop a maintenance schedule or cleaning procedure depending on their area of responsibility.  This is a cross-sector assessment standard so at present the current wording would create a completion barrier for some learners.


It’s important the learner can develop either a maintenance schedule or cleaning procedure which is in context to their area of responsibility.


Main changes


·      Minor changes were made to the wording of outcome 3 which allows learners to develop either a maintenance schedule or cleaning procedures depending on their post-harvest operation.