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Review of Plant Pest, Weed and Disease Control unit standard





Primary Sector

Plant Pest, Weed, and Disease Control



The Primary ITO has completed the review of unit standard 21563.


Date new version published                                                                 April 2018


Planned review date                                                                              December 2023




The Primary ITO has reviewed unit standard 21563. The change allows for the inclusion of health and safety performance criteria which meets the requirements of Health and Safety at Work Act (2015). The unit standard has also been updated to reflect the knowledge and skills required from a Level 3 trainee.


The Primary ITO reviewed the unit standard to incorporate legislative changes and emailed a draft to all stakeholders with consent to assess. Stakeholders were emailed the draft on the 13th December 2017 and were given until 2nd February to respond with their feedback. All feedback was considered, and the changes made to the draft were appropriate.


Main changes


·      Minor changes were made to include health and safety performance criteria and allow the option for performance criteria to be assessed in the workplace.

·      Additional guidance information was included into the unit standard which refers to the Health and Safety at Work Act (2015), and other relevant guidelines specific to the unit standard to assist with the assessment requirements. 


Detailed list of unit standards – classification, title, level, and credits


The last date for assessment of the superseded version of this Category B unit standard is 31 December 2020.


All changes are in bold.


Key to review category


Dates changed, but no other changes are made - the new version of the standard carries the same ID and the same version number


Changes made, but the overall outcome remains the same - the new version of the standard carries the same ID and a new version number


Major changes that necessitate the registration of a replacement standard with a new ID


Standard will expire and not be replaced


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Review Category


Demonstrate knowledge of the HSNO Act, and NZS 8409:2004 for the use of agrichemicals.

Demonstrate understanding of the legislation, regulations and standards for the use of agrichemicals