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Revision of Sport and Recreation Activities qualification


New Zealand Certificate in Mountain Facility Operations (Level 3) with strands in Lift Operations, and Road and Carpark Services [Ref: 3493-2]


Skills Active Aotearoa has revised the qualification listed above.


Date new versions published                                                          August 2018


The next qualification review is planned to take place during December 2020.


Reason for the revision


Some outcomes and unit standards related to this qualification were revised to better meet industry needs.


Mountain facilities can be used during the off-season for other sport activities, such as mountain biking and guided walking.  People operating aerial lifts at mountain facilities gain the same skills whether working with snow sport or other sports.  These skills should be recognised by the available qualification.  It should also be noted that some mountain facilities which use aerial lifts are intended for purposes other than snowsport, such as dedicated mountain bike parks.


The requirement for assessment against surface lifts (such as poma and T-bar lifts) presents a barrier to learning and assessment when there is no snow.  Feedback from industry indicates that it is sufficient for candidates to be proficient with aerial lifts.


Additionally, the qualification required candidates to demonstrate queueing and loading policies with special needs or disabilities.  The wide range of potential special needs and disabilities and the difficulties encountered in simulating such needs for assessment purposes has presented a barrier to meaningful assessment of the requirement.


Main changes resulting from the revision


The requirement for operation of surface lifts and practical demonstration of policies relating to those with special needs or disabilities were removed from required outcomes.  The outcome statements were revised in line with those changes


References in the general conditions for programme were updated.


New Zealand Certificate in Mountain Facility Operations (Level 3) with strands in Lift Operations, and Road and Carpark Services [Ref: 3493-2]


Changes to structure and content


·      Outcomes in the Lift Operations strand were amended to remove the requirement to operate surface lifts.

·      References to Snowsport Area in the Lift Operations strand were changed to Mountain Facility.




No transition is required as a result of this revision.  Candidates may either complete the version of the qualification in which they are enrolled, or transfer to the later version.


It is the intention of Skills Active Aotearoa that no existing learner should be disadvantaged by these transition arrangements. Any person who considers they are disadvantaged may appeal to:


Skills Active Aotearoa

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