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Revision and Rollover of Assessment of Learning unit standard 4098





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NZQA National Qualifications Services has completed the revision and rollover of unit standard 4098.


Date new version published                                                                 August 2018


Planned review date                                                                              December 2022




Standard 4098 was considered in 2017 as part of developing a suite of standards to support the New Zealand Certificate in Assessment Practice (Level 4) [Ref: 2752].  This started a conversation about the future of standard 4098 that continued into 2018.


Following conversations with Industry Training Organisations and a panel of cross-sector representatives, a draft replacement standard for standard 4098 was consulted on via the NZQA website in March 2018.  Based on feedback from consultation, it was decided that the standard would be revised and rolled over, with a planned review date to match other standards in the Assessment of Learning domain.  This would allow time to gather further evidence on the usage patterns of all standards in the Assessment of Learning domain, both in the context of the qualification [Ref: 2752], and as stand-alone standards.


Main changes


·      Changes were made to guidance information to match other recently listed Assessment of Learning unit standards.

·      The standard reflects the latest template, where Explanatory notes are renamed as Guidance information, and Evidence requirements as Performance criteria.


Detailed list of unit standards – classification, title, level, and credits


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