Review of Maritime Engineering qualification


New Zealand Certificate in Marine Systems (Level 4) with strands in System Engineering, and Electrical – Electronic [Ref: 3124]


The New Zealand Marine and Composite Industry Training Organisation has reviewed the qualification listed above.


Date new versions published                                                          February 2018


The next qualification review is planned to take place during December 2023.


Reason for the review


Feedback from industry requested the removal of HVAC as a condition from graduate profile outcome 8.  This area has its own qualification and specialisation.


Indicative credits values in each outcome have also been changed to better reflect the learning, training, and assessment time taken to achieve graduate outcomes.


Main changes resulting from the review


Version 2 of this qualification includes the following changes:

·      Removal of all conditions from graduate profile outcomes.

·      Indicative credits for graduate profile outcomes 4, 7, and 11 have increased.

·      Indicative credits for graduate profile outcomes 5, 6, 8, 9, 12, and 13 have decreased. 

·      The indicative credits for graduate profile outcomes have changed but the total credit value for this qualification remains the same.




There are no transition arrangements required as there are no trainees enrolled in version one of this qualification. 


All new enrolments should be in version 2 of this qualification.


The last date for assessment of version 1 of this qualification is 31 December 2018.