Field           Service Sector


Revision and roll over of Tourism unit standards






Casino Cashiering


Casino Gaming

9871-9879, 9882-9889, 9894-9897, 9900-9903, 9905, 9906, 9909-9912, 15701-15716, 18475-18482, 25106, 25107

Casino Security

12774-12787, 19713

Casino Surveillance

12789, 12791-12793, 12795, 12797-12799, 25672


The ServiceIQ has completed the revision and roll over of the unit standards listed above.


Date new versions published                                                               October 2018


Planned review date                                                                              December 2020




The purpose of this revision and roll over was to update necessary legislation and to ensure their currency with industry.


Main changes


·      94 standards were revised and rolled over to ensure their currency until they can be reviewed.  Their planned review dates were extended to December 2020.

·      Legislation and references were updated across the standards.