Field           Manufacturing


Review of Manufacturing unit standards





Manufacturing Skills

Can Making

4812, 18318-18326, 18328-18335

Pharmaceutical and Allied Products

Pharmaceutical and Allied Products Manufacturing

21074-21077, 21365-21368, 21370, 21371, 21943-21945

Pharmaceutical and Allied Products Quality Assurance


Steel Manufacturing

Steel Making

9278-9289, 11079

Steel Manufacturing - Cold Working and Forming

14536, 17916, 17917

Steel Manufacturing - Raw Materials

9276, 9277, 9292

Steel Manufacturing - Supporting Skills

8323-8334, 9290, 9291

Steel Product Handling

9272-9275, 14483-14488, 14529-14535, 15613-15616


Competenz has completed the review of the unit standards listed above.




These unit standards have had no reported usage for at least the past five years and, as there is not future need for the standards, it was determined that the standards should be expired without replacement.


Feedback was requested from key stakeholders and via the Competenz Account Management team during the review period from April – May 2018.  No feedback objecting to the proposed expiry was received.


Main changes


·         The unit standards were set to expire without replacement with immediate effect.