Field          Technology


Revision of Level 3 Construction and Mechanical Technologies achievement standard 91620




Subject reference

Construction and Mechanical Technologies


Construction and Mechanical Technologies 3.20


The Ministry of Education (MoE) has revised the achievement standard listed above.


Date new version published                November 2019


Planned review date                              December 2020


Summary of revision and consultation process


This revision arose from low levels of moderator agreement for this standard compared to the rest of the internally assessed technology standards.  This standard has been targeted for moderation to provide the sector with individualised feedback.


The need for change was initially identified by the National Assessment Moderator (NAM) and approved by the subject association and MoE.


The NAM has reviewed and accepted the changes.


Main changes resulting from the revision


The key changes are within the explanatory notes (EN) as follows:


Change to EN 2 – two new bullet points were added:

·         trialling and using feedback to inform the selection of complex procedures to make the product

·         scheduling techniques and tests for precise preparation and integration of parts.


Change to EN 3

·         deletion of: ‘select and use a variety of techniques for the precise integration of parts’ and replaced with: ‘undertake informed selection and scheduling of techniques and testing to make a product that incorporates two or more assembled parts that require accuracy and precision’.


Addition of new EN 8

·         Scheduling refers to things such as planning construction orders or a production sequence’.


Renumbering of prior EN8 to EN9.