Field          English


Revision of Level 1 and 2 English Visual Language achievement standards




Subject reference

English Visual Language


English 1.7


English 2.6


The Ministry of Education (MoE) has revised the achievement standards listed above.


Date new versions published             November 2019


Planned review date                              December 2020


Summary of revision and consultation process


This revision arose from the need for explanatory notes detailing the criteria for the use of language features to be consistent with the achievement criteria.


The need for change was initially identified by the National Assessment Moderator (NAM).


The NAM, MoE and the New Zealand Association for the Teaching of English have reviewed and accepted the changes.


Main changes resulting from the revision


The key changes are within the explanatory notes (EN) as follows:


·         AS90855: “with control” was added to the wording of EN 11.

·         AS91103: “to create effects” and “convincing” were added to paragraph 4 and 5 respectively of EN 2, to indicate the progression from Achieved to Merit as it is described in the achievement criteria.