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Republication of Commercial Road Transport Qualification


New Zealand Certificate in Commercial Road Transport (Specialist Driver) (Level 4) with strands in Transportation of Logs, Heavy Haulage Transportation, Livestock Transportation, Dangerous Goods Transportation, Waste Transportation, General Cartage, and Groundspreading [Ref: 3091]


MITO New Zealand Incorporated has republished the qualification listed above.


Date version 1 republished August 2019


The next qualification review is planned to take place during December 2021.


Reason for the republication


The qualification listed above was republished to remove a condition relating to the graduate profile for the Heavy Haulage Transportation strand.

This revision ensures that the qualification accurately reflects the needs of the commercial road transport industry. Industry stakeholders and association members were involved in this revision and have provided support for the change.


Main change resulting from the revision


      Condition relating to overdimension vehicles and loads removed from Graduate Profile Outcome 5.