Field           Community and Social Services


Revision and Rollover of Youth Development unit standards





Social Services

Youth Development

16843, 16850, 16853, 16856, 16857, 16862, 22250, 22253, 22256, 22257, 28538-28541, 28556


Careerforce has completed the revision and rollover of the unit standards listed above.


Date new versions published                                                               October 2019


Planned review date                                                                              December 2021




The revision and rollover is part of a multi-year plan to get all unit standards for which Careerforce is the Standard Setting Body up to date with their planned review dates.


The units listed above were selected because:

·      there have been no major changes within the sectors the standards apply to,

·      no concerns have been raised regarding these standards through national external moderation,

·      there has been no feedback from assessors or stakeholders that there have been any issues with these unit standards.


In preparation for submitting this application, all organisations with Consent to Assess against any of the units were advised of this intention and all units were posted on the Careerforce website with stakeholders having the ability to respond if they thought the any of the designated unit standards should not be included in the Rollover.


Main changes


·         Legislation was updated.

·         References were checked for currency and updated.

·         The planned review date was changed to 2021.

·         The standards were updated to the current template.

·         Standards covered by CMR 0222 were migrated to CMR 0024.