Change report for the review of the Agribusiness Management New Zealand Qualification


Reviewed qualification


Qualification title




New Zealand Diploma in Agribusiness Management (Level 5)




Review information

Review completed by

Primary Industry Training Organisation

Reason for the review

Scheduled 5 yearly review

Date replacement qualifications listed

31 October 2024

Next qualification review date

31 October 2024


Summary of review and consultation process

An External Working Group (EWG) was formed made up of industry representatives, TEOs with approved programmes, and Primary ITO staff.  Meetings were held between December 2018 and July 2019 to review content, and updated documentation was also circulated for wider consultation over this period.  Key changes discussed included a title change to reflect the wider primary industry sectors who have an interest in engaging with the qualification, and subsequently amended and clarified Graduate Profile Outcomes (GPOs) and revised credit values.  The reviewed qualification was approved by the Primary ITO Portfolio Committee and the EWG in July 2019.


Main changes resulting from the review

·           Qualification title changed from ‘New Zealand Diploma in Agribusiness Management’ to ‘New Zealand Diploma in Primary Industry Business Management’ to reflect the wider range of sectors who had an interest in the qualification.

·           Strategic Purpose Statement was updated to reflect the primary industry business management focus

·           Qualification credits reduced from 150 to 120 credits due to the amount of overlap between Graduate Profile Outcomes (GPOs).

·           GPOs amended to address overlap in content between GPOs and to clarify content.

·           GPO credits adjusted to reflect the time to achieve the learning and assessment. 

·           NZSCED updated to match the change of scope from agribusiness management to primary industry business management..

·           The document was updated to the current qualification template.



Review outcome


Qualification title

Outcome category

Replacement qualification

(if applicable)


New Zealand Diploma in Primary Industry Business Management (Level 5)




Qualification Review outcome categories




No changes are identified to the qualification

Qualification version number and NZQF ID remain the same.

New review date is required.


Minor changes are identified to the qualification

New version of qualification is required (NZQF ID remains the same).

New review date is required.


Significant changes are required to the qualification

New replacement qualification is required with a new NZQF ID.

The existing qualification will expire.


The qualification is no longer required by industry

The qualification will expire with no replacement. 



Transition information


Qualification title

Last date of entry

Last date of assessment


New Zealand Diploma in Agribusiness Management (Level 5)


31 December 2023