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Change report for the review of Emergency Communications Centres New Zealand Qualification


Reviewed qualifications



Qualification title





New Zealand Certificate in Emergency Communications Centres with an optional strand in Dispatcher



Review information

Qualification Developer

The Skills Organisation

Reason for the review

Scheduled 5-year review

Review date

31 December 2020

Outcome date

September 2020

Next review date

30 September 2025


Summary of review and consultation process

The Emergency Communications Working Group was established for the purposes of consultation on the current qualification. Representation was confirmed from current users and organisation who want to be involved in the review.

The Working Group met online to review the qualification. The graduate outcomes were reviewed and amendments were made to outcomes 1, 4 and 5 to reflect current industry practices.

The name of the optional strand was changed from Dispatcher to Dispatch.

The employment pathways for the core and the optional strand were updated to reflect current roles and terminology.


Main changes resulting from the review

·         Graduate outcomes 1, 4 and 5 were amended to reflect current industry practices for the action required.

·         The Employment, Cultural and Community pathways were amended to clarify the current roles of the Call Taker and the Dispatch Operator.

·         The evidence requirements for assuring consistency were amended to reflect the activities that take place to ensure the consistency of the graduates.

·         Three New Zealand Acts were added to the Other requirements of the qualification.

·         The credit values of Graduate Outcomes 2, 3, 4 and 5 were rounded to 5. The total qualification credits remain at 40.

·         The credits for the optional Dispatch strand were rounded to 10.



Review outcome



Reviewed qualification

Outcome category

New qualification details/version

(if applicable)



New Zealand Certificate in Emergency Communications Centres (Level 3) with an optional strand in Dispatcher

B-New version of qualification


Qualification review outcome categories




No changes are identified to the qualification

Qualification version number and NZQF ID remain the same.

New review date is required.


Minor changes are identified to the qualification

New version of qualification is required (NZQF ID remains the same).

New review date is required.


Significant changes are required to the qualification

New replacement qualification is required with a new NZQF ID.

The existing qualification will expire.


The qualification is no longer required by industry

The qualification will expire with no replacement. 


Transition information



Qualification title

Last date       of entry*

Last date of assessment



New Zealand Certificate in Emergency Communications Centres (Level 3) with an optional strand in Dispatch


31 Dec 2022

*only required for outcome category C or D

Any additional information

Version information.

Version 2 of this qualification was published in October 2020 following a scheduled review.

Please refer to Qualifications and Assessment Standards Approvals for further information.

The last date of assessment for version 1 is 31 December 2022.

It is the intention of The Skills Organisation that no existing trainee should be disadvantaged by these transition arrangements. Any person who considers they have been disadvantaged may appeal to:

The Skills Organisation

PO Box 24469

Royal Oak

Auckland 1345


Telephone          0508 754 557