Field           Engineering and Technology


Revision and revision and rollover of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning unit standards





Mechanical Engineering

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

3837, 3841, 3842, 3846, 3847, 3851, 3852, 22707, 23959, 28950, 28952, 28955-28960, 28962-28966, 28968, 28969, 29100, 29563, 30127


Competenz has completed the revision, and revision and rollover, of the unit standards listed above.  The standard listed in bold has been revised and rolled over.


Date new versions published                                                               October 2020


Planned review date                                                                              December 2020;

December 2021 (for 30127)




Industry identified that some legislation and codes listed in the references of the unit standards were out of date.  All legislation, codes of practice and references were updated as a result.


Full review of these units will commence in December 2020.


Main changes


·      Guidance Information was amended to reflect current legislation, codes of practice, references, definitions and entry information.

·      Unit standards were formatted to align with the current template.

·      Prerequisite information was amended to reflect licensing requirements, where relevant.

·      Planned review date for unit standard 3842 was rolled over to December 2020 to align with other standards.