Field: Fire Protection

Change report for the review of Fire Protection New Zealand Qualification


Reviewed qualifications



Qualification title





New Zealand Certificate in Fire Detection and Alarm Systems (Level 4)




Review information

Qualification Developer


Reason for the review

An early review at the request of industry

Review date

September 2020

Outcome date

November 2020

Next review date

November 2025


Summary of review and consultation process

This qualification was launched to industry in October 2017. Feedback from industry indicated some learners were not progressing to completion and an early review of the qualification was required to understand the issues in depth. A Post Implementation Review (PIR) was completed between January to May 2020 by Competenz. To gather feedback employers across New Zealand were visited and managers and learners were interviewed. The industry association for Fire, FPANZ, were also consulted during this review. Final consultation was completed via email.


Main changes resulting from the review

The main changes from the review require the qualification to include an optional strand to meet the needs of the industry and its learners. The strand is for special hazards, which is a very specialised area and not all companies work in this area to be able to provide their leaners the exposure to complete this practical component.

Including an optional strand means the qualification credit value now has a range of: 235 – 275 credits.

The unit standards listed as conditions have been removed.

While new Graduate Profile Outcomes have been created, the overall intent of the Graduate Profile Outcomes has not changed. Graduate Profile Outcomes 2 and 3 worth 130 and 55 credits respectively, were too broad and have been reviewed. New Graduate Profile Outcomes that are more specific and of smaller credit values have been created where necessary.





Review outcome



Reviewed qualification

Outcome category

New qualification details/version



New Zealand Certificate in Fire Detection and Alarm Systems (Level 4)

B-New version of qualification

New Zealand Certificate in Fire Detection and Alarm Systems (Level 4) with an optional strand in Special Hazards  

[Ref: 2575-2]


Qualification review outcome categories




No changes are identified to the qualification

Qualification version number and NZQF ID remain the same.

New review date is required.


Minor changes are identified to the qualification

New version of qualification is required (NZQF ID remains the same).

New review date is required.


Significant changes are required to the qualification

New replacement qualification is required with a new NZQF ID.

The existing qualification will expire.


The qualification is no longer required by industry

The qualification will expire with no replacement. 



Transition information



Qualification title

Last date       of entry*

Last date of assessment



New Zealand Certificate in Fire Detection and Alarm Systems (Level 4)


31 December 2024

*only required for outcome category C or D

Any additional information

It is anticipated that no existing candidates will be disadvantaged by these transition arrangements. However, anyone who feels that they have been disadvantaged may appeal to Competenz at the address below.  Appeals will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Competenz, PO Box 9005, Newmarket, Auckland 1149, Web: