Change report for the registration of a Real Estate New Zealand Qualification


Review information

Qualification Developer

The Skills Organisation

Reason for the review

Industry required review of qualifications

Review date

December 2020

Outcome date

April 2021

Next review date

April 2026


Summary of review and consultation process

The Skills Organisation has consulted with major stakeholders and the leading industry associations in the real estate industry.  Feedback from the sector was that the qualification suite required redevelopment to remain useful and relevant, and to meet the needs of learners, industry, and stakeholders. 

Consultation took place from stakeholders across the Real Estate sector including the Real Estate Authority, Real Estate Institute of New Zealand, and the Industry Leader Group. Consultation was distributed to members of industry in different real estate sectors and all regions of New Zealand.

The consultation process was conducted with working groups, over video conferencing, individual face-to-face meetings and wider consultation via survey and individual correspondence.

As a result of the consultation, the stakeholders determined that a new qualification was required to replace the Real Estate strand of the New Zealand Diploma in Business (Level 6) [Ref: 2460].   A request was made to New Zealand Qualification Authority National Qualification Services (NQS) to action the strand removal.

The stakeholders also agreed that a one-year extension of the expiring National Diploma in Real Estate [Ref: 1731] was required for the purpose allowing time for current trainees to complete their enrolments, and for new qualification programme development.   


Main changes resulting from the review

The New Zealand Certificate in Real Estate (Level 6) [Ref: 4396] was registered. 


Qualification review outcome categories




No changes are identified to the qualification

Qualification version number and NZQF ID remain the same.

New review date is required.


Minor changes are identified to the qualification

New version of qualification is required (NZQF ID remains the same).

New review date is required.


Significant changes are required to the qualification

New replacement qualification is required with a new NZQF ID.

The existing qualification will expire.


The qualification is no longer required by industry

The qualification will expire with no replacement. 



Transition information



Qualification title

Last date of entry*

Last date of assessment



National Diploma in Real Estate (Agent) (Level 5)

31 December 2021

30 June 2023

*only required for outcome category C or D

Any additional information

It is not intended that any existing candidates be disadvantaged by these transition agreements; however, anyone who feels that they have been disadvantaged may appeal to The Skills Organisation.


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Royal Oak,

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Phone: 0508 Skills (0508 754 557)