Field: Teacher Education

Change report for the republication of a Teacher Education (Level 5) New Zealand Qualification


Republished qualification


Qualification title




New Zealand Diploma in Holistic Education (Level 5)




Republication information

Republication completed by

Toitū te Waiora Community, Health, Education, and Social Services Workforce Development Council                                                                 

Reason for the republication

Extension to the last date of assessment

Date republication qualification listed

August 2022

Next qualification review date

January 2026


Summary of republication and consultation process

Version 1 of this qualification was reviewed in 2021, resulting in the approval of version 2. At that time the last date for assessment for version 1 was set at 31 December 2022.

Toitū te Waiora received a request for the last date for assessment to be extended until 31 December 2023 to allow time to complete learners who require additional support because of the impacts of COVID 19.


Main changes resulting from the republication

The last date for assessment for the above qualification was extended from 31 December until 31 December 2023.


Transition information


Qualification title

Last date of entry

Last date of assessment


New Zealand Diploma in Holistic Education (Level 5)


31 December 2023