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Rollover of Roofing unit standards





Plumbing, Gasfitting and Drainlaying


1686-1688, 1690-1692, 1694, 1698, 10809-10813, 10815, 10816, 25270, 25272, 25274, 25276, 25277, 25279-25283, 25285, 25287, 25288, 30010-30027, 30210


Waihanga Ara Rau Construction and Infrastructure Workforce Development Council has completed the rollover of the unit standards listed above.


Date new versions published                                                               August 2022


Planned review date                                                                              December 2023




In July 2022, Waihanga Ara Rau engaged with the Roofing Association of New Zealand and education providers who are currently offering or have recently delivered the above unit standards.  From the subsequence communications, it was agreed that the unit standards should be rolled over to allow for the review of the roofing qualification to be carried out in 2023.  The unit standards will then be reviewed following confirmation of the qualification review.


Main change


The planned review date for each unit standard was extended from 31 December 2021 to 31 December 2023.