Field           Law and Security

Transfer of standard setting responsibility for Compliance and Law Enforcement, and Public Sector Compliance unit standards




Compliance and Law Enforcement

Compliance and Regulatory Control



Intelligence Analysis


Public Sector Compliance

Public Sector Compliance Investigations



Public Sector Compliance Operations



Toitū te Waiora Community, Health, Education and Social Service Workforce Development Council (WDC) has completed the transfer of standard setting responsibility of the unit standards listed above.




Communication between Toitū te Waiora Community, Health, Education and Social Service WDC and Ringa Hora Services WDC began in December 2021 as part of rationalising the initial distribution of standard setting responsibilities that accompanied the establishment of workforce development councils.  It has been agreed on by both WDCs that it is a more logical fit for these domains and their standards to be covered by Ringa Hora Services WDC.


Ringa Hora Services WDC contacted appropriate industry representatives who were in agreement with this change.


Main changes

·     Standard setting responsibility for all current and expiring unit standards in the four domains listed was transferred from Toitū te Waiora to Ringa Hora to establish a more logical fit with other elements in each of the two WDC’s portfolios.  Unit standard documents will be updated with correct standard setting body details when next reviewed. 


Impact on existing organisations with consent to assess



Impact on Consent and Moderation Requirements (CMR)