To get the most out of the KiwiQuals website, complete as many search fields as you can.

There are three ways of searching for qualifications on this website. The pop-up boxes provide a brief explanation of key terms used - these words are explained more fully under About Register.

There may be several different words that describe the qualification you are looking for, so if you're not finding something you'd expect, try your search again with another keyword. The "keyword" search will look for these words in a qualification's:

The search facility will only search on whole words, for example, typing in a keyword of 'bus' will not bring up results with the word 'business'.

Quick Search

The site will take a few seconds to process your search, before returning a number of results. From this list, you can select the item that you think most closely matches the information you require.

You may search for a list of qualifications or for a list of organisations that can assist you with a qualification.

The maximum number of results from a search is 250. You will be told if the results list is more than 250, you can refine your search futher using the options from the detailed search below.

Detailed Search

To refine your search, you may add any or all of the following options to your search:

Advanced Search

The advanced search link is found at the bottom of each web page. This search will allow you to search by or include the following options: