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About education organisations

An education organisation can be any educational organisation supplying education and/or training and/or assessment services to learners. A wide range of programmes and qualifications are offered in New Zealand.

Education organisations can be accredited to deliver programmes leading to the award of New Zealand qualifications. Before applying for accreditation, private and government training establishments must be recognised by NZQA. Read more »

NZQA's quality assurance system for tertiary education organisations

NZQA operates an integrated quality assurance system where all the components support each other.

This quality assurance system is based on the Evaluative Quality Assurance Framework (EQAF). It covers all of the tertiary education sector, except universities. Read more »

Quick links to NZQF documents

This is a list of frequently used documents and resources for the New Zealand Qualifications Framework. Read more »

Consistency of graduate outcomes

Consistency of graduate outcomes provides assurance that all graduates of New Zealand qualifications meet the outcomes to an equivalent, nationally acceptable standard.

Graduates can get a New Zealand qualification through a range of education organisations. More than one programme can lead to a single New Zealand qualification.

Assuring national consistency supports the credibility of New Zealand qualifications, both in New Zealand and internationally. Read more »

Approval, accreditation and registration

Approval, accreditation, and registration define NZQA's quality requirements for education organisations and the programmes they provide. Read more »

Monitoring and Assessment

NZQA has a Monitoring and Assessment team within the Quality Assurance Division. Read more »

External evaluation and review
Assessment and moderation of standards
Submitting results and awarding qualifications and micro-credentials

Providers are required to report information to NZQA to ensure that records of learner achievement are maintained. Read more »

The Education (Pastoral Care of Domestic Tertiary Students) Interim Code of Practice 2019

The Education (Pastoral Care of Domestic Tertiary Students) Interim Code of Practice 2019 (the interim Code) came into effect on 1 January 2020.

For more information on how the Education (Pastoral Care of Domestic Tertiary Students) Interim Code of Practice 2019 was developed, see the Ministry of Education page.

A new Code

Between 7 April – 21 May 2021, the Ministry of Education consulted on the Code of Pastoral Care for all international students and domestic tertiary students.

The Ministry of Education are now reviewing the feedback and submissions ahead of releasing a new Code in the coming months.

After this time, NZQA will focus on raising awareness of the new Code and building providers’ capability by delivering online and regional information sessions and workshops, and co-developing guidelines and other resources with learners and providers.

Our aim will be to support learners and providers to understand the new Code and to help providers prepare for when it comes into effect from 1 January 2022. Read more »

The Education (Pastoral Care of International Students) Code of Practice

This information relates to pastoral care for international students. NZQA also administers an interim Code of Practice to support domestic students, and an ongoing Code of Practice for domestic students is in development.   Read more »

Offshore use of qualifications and programmes

Qualifications listed on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework (NZQF) can be used offshore. This page provides information about the development of programmes and qualifications for use in countries other than New Zealand. Read more »

Guidelines and forms

This page contains links to documentation for providers in the tertiary sector. Read more »

Reform of Vocational Education

In 2020, the government implemented reforms of the vocational education sector to create a strong, unified, sustainable vocational education system that is fit for the future of work and delivers the skills that learners, employers and communities need to thrive. The Reform of Vocational Education (RoVE) includes seven key changes.

NZQA has recently completed consultation on options for simplifying the vocational qualifications system. Further information can be found on the consultation resources page Read more »

International Education planning

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