About education organisations

An education organisation can be any educational organisation supplying education and/or training and/or assessment services to learners. A wide range of programmes and qualifications are offered in New Zealand.

All education organisations can be accredited to assess for national qualifications. Before applying for accreditation, private and government training establishments must be registered with the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA).

Types of education organisations in New Zealand

Organisation typeDescription
School There are primary, intermediate and secondary schools in New Zealand. The New Zealand Qualifications Authority deals largely with schools at the secondary level (years 11-13).
Polytechnic/institute of technology Delivers technical, vocational and professional education. They also promote research, particularly applied and technological research, that aids development. See a list of ITPs.
Private training establishment A private organisation providing education/training (i.e. they are not state-owned). Many companies and government training establishments register their staff training operations as training establishments.
Government training establishment A state-owned organisation providing education or training (for example, NZ Police Training Services, New Zealand Army).
Māori provider Over 100 registered providers identify themselves as Māori providers. These educational institutions deliver Māori subjects, conduct their courses in a Māori environment, or focus specifically on the needs of Māori learners.
Wananga A teaching and research institution that maintains, advances and disseminates knowledge, develops intellectual independence, and assists the application of knowledge regarding āhuatanga Māori (Māori tradition) according to tikanga Māori (Māori custom).
University Is characterised by a wide diversity of teaching and research, especially at a higher level, that maintains, advances, disseminates, and assists the application of knowledge and develops intellectual independence.
Industry Training Organisation A body recognised under the Industry Training Act 1992 as having responsibility for setting standards and arranging the delivery of industry training for the sector it represents. Commonly known as an ITO. Industry Training Organisations (ITOs) are not education providers, but can become accredited to register assessors within specified fields of the Framework.
Standard-setting bodies A collective term that covers industry training organisations and advisory groups. These organisations are recognised by NZQA as nationally representative of experts in a particular field, for the purposes of establishing standards for national qualifications.

Finding an education organisation

To find the organisations of a particular type in a particular region, see Search education organisations.

See Choosing a tertiary course or qualification or Choosing an educational organisation for an explanation of what you should look for when choosing a qualification or provider, in particular, from a private training establishment.

NZQA's statutory actions against education organisations

See the statutory actions page for a definition of NZQA's statutory actions and the current and applicable actions.

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