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Guidelines for monitoring programmes leading to diplomas, degrees and related qualifications

These pages provide guidance to NZQA monitors and tertiary institutions, other than universities, on the requirements for the monitoring of programmes of study leading to diplomas, degrees and post graduate qualifications at levels 7 to 10.

Institutions include:

  • Institutes of Technology or Polytechnics (ITPs)
  • Wānanga
  • Private Training Establishments (PTEs)
  • Industry Training Organisations.

Statutory basis

NZQA has the authority to make rules under part 20 of the Education Act 1989. NZQA’s rules set out what institutions have to do to meet NZQA’s quality standards and comply with NZQA processes. They indicate what actions and information are required from institutions. All NZQA Rules are listed on the NZQA website.

The NZQF Programme Approval and Accreditation Rules 2013 (the Rules) require institutions to participate in monitoring as one of a number of requirements to maintain their accreditation to provide an approved programme.

The purpose of monitoring

The purpose of monitoring programmes of study that lead to diplomas, degrees and related qualifications at levels 7-10 is to provide assurance to NZQA and stakeholders that a programme and its delivery consistently meet the criteria for ongoing approval.

Monitoring reports must provide evidence that:

  • the programme is being managed, planned and implemented as it was approved
  • consideration has been given to any recommendations made during the programme approval and accreditation process
  • any minor modifications and enhancements made by the institution are consistent with the intent of the approved programme and the ongoing development of a quality programme, and in line with a type 1 change
  • there is independent, external academic input during reviews and consideration of significant programme enhancements (i.e. type 2 changes)
  • NZQA is made aware of issues affecting the satisfactory provision of the programme
  • the quantity and quality of staff research outputs are consistent with the development and maintenance of an ongoing research culture in support of the programme.

Monitoring by NZQA is not intended to replace the actions taken by institutions to monitor, review and regularly improve the quality of the programmes they are responsible for.

Further information

For further information see the links below:

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