Listing of Australian units of competency

The information in this section is designed to assist standard setting bodies (SSBs) with the cover sheet registration process for units of competency.

It is the responsibility of a standard-setting body (SSB) to select appropriate training packages and high quality Australian units of competency that are acceptable to employers and providers, and meet the needs of their industries or sectors.

The SSB submits the cover sheets and associated documentation to Client Services. The standard is then evaluated according to the Registration Criteria for Australian Units of Competency, which focuses on the 'critical registration data' required for the cover sheets, including title, level, credit value, purpose statement, classification, entry information, explanatory notes, and CMR references.

When approved, the standard is assigned a unique ID, which is available for adding to the NZQA Record of Achievement (RoA).

Guidelines and criteria

The Australian Units of Competency on the Directory of Assessment Standards: Guidelines and Criteria for Standard Setting Bodies (PDF, 296KB) assist SSBs to use Australian units of competency in the setting of national skill standards and the development of training resources for their industries:

  • Part One: Guidelines for using Australian Units of Competency in relation to the DAS covers the different ways that Australian units of competency may be used by SSBs in New Zealand.
  • Part Two: DAS Registration Criteria for Australian Units of Competency sets out the evaluation criteria for the listing of units of competency on the DAS.

Documentation requirements

Applications for registration of Australian units of competency must be accompanied by the following documents.

  • copies of the units of competency in the approved Australian format
  • hard and electronic copies of cover sheets using the Australian Units coversheet template (DOC, 60KB), which must include a link to a stable hyperlink to the relevant unit of competency
  • a signed copy of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the SSB and ITAB/Skills Council
  • a statement of arrangements made to ensure that review of the Australian units of competency is linked to their review in New Zealand
  • a revised version of the CMR, or a new CMR, as appropriate
  • prerequisites clearly set out in a diagram (not for publication)
  • a completed and signed Application Form and Checklist for Registration of Australian Units of Competency (DOC, 208KB)
  • supporting documentation for level and credit allocation.

The Australian units cover sheet and the unit of competency together comprise the standard.

Further information

If you require hard copies or have any questions, please contact Client Services.

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