Tonight we are undertaking some important system updates necessary to support our NCEA results reporting for schools Published at 3.28pm on 16 January

The update will take place for up to four hours from 10pm on Wednesday 16 January.

Access to our Learner Login pages will be unavailable during this time, including access to the NCEA results.

We have scheduled this brief but necessary outage at this time in order to minimise any inconvenience to students.

Requirements for private training establishment facilities

To maintain registration as a private training establishment, providers must ensure that the premises and sites they use, (including for any off-site learning) remain safe and adequate for the study or training provided, for its staff, for the number of students enrolled, for meeting students’ specific needs.

Providers must operate a safe and legally compliant environment, which includes the equipment it uses.

These are requirements of the Private Training Establishment Registration Rules 2018 5.1.1 (e) and (f) regarding how premises must be fit for purpose.

For the purposes of delivery site approval, these requirements apply to all tertiary education organisations.

Classroom space

An important aspect of this is that students have sufficient classroom space.

Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Employment guidelines state:

  • There should be a minimum of two metres squared per person in classrooms without fixed seating.
  • In rooms set out like a lecture theatre, with fixed tiered seating, there should be one and a half metres per person.
  • Each room should have a designated maximum occupancy that should not be exceeded. The maximum occupancy should take other relevant persons, like teachers, into consideration and not be limited to students.

You can find further information in Appendix A: Occupant Densities in the Visibility in Escape Routes compliance document on the Building Performance website.

Sufficient toilets

Providers must ensure they have sufficient toilets for all students, staff and any expected visitors.

To determine the required number of toilet pans, basins and urinals, providers can use the calculator for toilet pans on the Building Performance website.

Providers should take into consideration the required number of female, male or unisex toilets that are appropriate. If there are significantly more students of one sex, then adjustments must be made to the calculation to deal with that.

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