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Changes to programme approvals

Any changes to approved programmes need to either be:

  • communicated to NZQA (notified) so accurate records are maintained, or
  • approved by NZQA before the amended programme is provided to learners.

Whether the change needs to be notified or approved depends on what type of change it is: Type 1 or Type 2. See the sections below for more details.

Institutions must show that the programme continues to meet the relevant NZQA rules.

Further guidance on changes to specific types of programmes

For programmes at levels 1-6 on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework (NZQF) see the Guidelines for approval and accreditation of level 1-6 programmes.

For programmes at levels 7 and above on the NZQF see the Guidelines for approving and maintaining degrees and related qualifications.

Changes to, or adding new, delivery sites

Degree accreditation is specific to the approved delivery site. Institutions must have site approval before using any different sites.

Institutions must at least notify NZQA of any changes to where a programme is delivered, including new sites. All changes need to be approved by NZQA.

Any change to a delivery site can affect the quality of teaching and learning and the resources available to learners. Changes may also affect the content that is taught, or how learning is structured.

Types of programme change

Two types of programme change require application to NZQA for updating programme and component records and/or quality assurance approval.

Type 1 changes

Type 1 changes relate to one or more components of a programme which do not have an impact on the overall programme and where the qualification to which the programme leads is unchanged. A component means the courses, papers, modules or assessment standards that make up the programme leading to the qualification.

Details of the changes are submitted to NZQA to ensure accurate records are maintained and the criteria for programme approval continue to be met.

However, if there are changes to more than one programme component which, when taken together, NZQA considers impact on the overall programme, then NZQA will consider the application as a type 2 change.

Type 2 changes

Type 2 changes may occur as a result of a review of the qualification, which means the programme leading to the qualification needs to be changed to meet the new qualification requirements.

This requires NZQA approval.

Type 2 changes may apply to diplomas at level 7 which have an integrated qualification and programme.

Submitting a change to an approved programme

Type 1 changes

Send NZQA an email with the details of the amendments to the programme and also state the nature of the change(s).

Institutions should send the email to their Approvals and Accreditation contact (this is the NZQA Contacts in your TEO Profile).

Type 2 changes

To notify NZQA or apply for a change to an approved programme, use the TEO secure login.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Log in using your ESAA ID and password.
  2. Choose "TEO Applications".
  3. Create an application.
  4. Select "Degree change", “Category 2 course change” (type 2) as appropriate. This takes you to an application overview.
  5. Click on contact details. The contact details page will be pre-populated with your organisation’s contact details. You should make any changes necessary to ensure the details are appropriate for the programme change.
  6. On the application/request detail page complete the relevant fields.
  7. On the Supporting documents page, attach any documentation in PDF format.
  8. Submit.

An email acknowledging receipt of your application will be generated automatically and sent to you.

Further information

For more information or queries about changes to an approved programme, contact our client services team.

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