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Making changes to approved Level 7 diplomas

Changes to a Level 7 Diploma may be a result of:

  • ongoing quality management and improvement
  • changes in the industry or sector
  • changes to the qualification as a result of a review
  • improvements to the programme.

Types of programme changes

There are two types of programme change.

Type 1 change

Type 1 changes are minor changes to components. Type 1 changes do not have an impact on the total number of learning hours, credit value, learning outcomes or graduate profile of the overall diploma.

Education organisations seeking accreditation to an already approved programme may make Type 1 changes to meet the needs of their learners.

Details of Type 1 changes should be notified to NZQA via email to the QAD Approvals and Accreditation team. Education organisations need to retain evidence of the internal quality assurance processes that approved the changes, for example approval by an Academic Board, Board of Trustees or similar group. 

Examples of Type 1 changes:

  • title of a component
  • content of a component but not learning outcomes
  • specific assessment methodologies within a component.

Type 2 change

Type 2 changes are those made to components that have an impact on the diploma as a whole. Type 2 changes may occur as a result of a review of the qualification. 

Type 2 changes must be approved by NZQA before they can be implemented.

The following information is required when submitting an application for a Type 2 change:

  • a summary that details the change(s) to the programme
  • evidence to demonstrate that the programme continues to meet the qualification definition
  • specified data requirements
  • evidence of the programme review, external consultation and internal approval.

Examples of Type 2 changes:

  • title of programme
  • credit value of the programme
  • total learning hours of the programme
  • programme duration
  • removing, adding or replacing components
  • level of components that cumulatively change the level of the programme
  • requirements for practical, workplace and education provider learning
  • changes to programme regulations.

Applications for Type 2 changes must be made online through the secure extranet.

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