Change to a PTE's governing member(s)

As part of maintaining registration, a private training establishment (PTE) must notify NZQA of any intended changes to its governing members.

This must be done by a representative of the PTE using the TEO Online Services.

What is a governing member?

Under section 233A of the Education Act 1989, a governing member is defined as:

  • any director
  • any member occupying a position equivalent to that of a director
  • if the establishment is a trust, any trustee
  • if the establishment is a partnership, any partner
  • any senior manager, defined as either the chief executive officer or person occupying an equivalent position; or any member of staff in charge of academic issues, marketing, administration, finance, student fee trust funds or student services
  • any shareholder with a controlling interest in the establishment.

Information NZQA needs for a change to governing member(s)

The notification must include:

  • details of the change, including precise details as to when or how the changes will occur
  • a completed and signed fit and proper person statutory declaration for each new governing member
  • an updated organisation chart including the proposed new governing member(s).

Notify NZQA of a change to governing member(s)

To submit a change in governing member to NZQA, make an online application using TEO Self Services:

  1. Log on to the TEO Self Services using your ESAA user ID and password.
  2. Select TEO Applications > Create Application.
  3. Choose Other application.
  4. Enter the details in the application wizard. Attach all supporting documentation to the application.

What happens next?

NZQA analyses the notification of the change to governing member(s).


NZQA charges $190 per hour (GST exclusive) for analysing a change to a PTE's governing member(s).

Further information

If you have any questions, contact Client Services.

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