Obligations associated with the use of a provider code

All results for internal assessment reported to NZQA are received with a provider code attached to them. Unless a school enters the external provider code of an external assessor, all of the results being reported to NZQA have the school’s own provider code attached to them by default.

For all reported results, the school must ensure that it uses the correct provider code.  In every instance, the provider code identifies, for the particular assessment, the organisation:

  • whose Consent To Assess is being exercised
  • that is required to hold a course enrollment for each of the students being assessed
  • that undertakes the assessment and awardsthe grade to the particular student
  • whose appeal procedures, and other assessment procedures are ‘in play’
  • that attests that the student work is authentic
  • that is responsible for all aspects of internal moderation
  • that is responsible for ensuring samples of student achievement are adequately stored to meet moderation requirements and to respond to student appeals

School employees are able to exercise the school’s Grant of Consent To Assess

The school’s grant of Consent To Assess can be lawfully exercised only by individauls who are employed by the school’s Board of Trustees.

A school cannot sub-contract its Consent To Assess to an organisation, or individual who is not employed by the school’s Board, and that does not hold Consent To Assess for the particular standard(s), without NZQA approval.

A school may unintentionally breach the Rules

Schools that have been granted NZQA Consent To Assess must comply with the Assessment and Examination Rules for Schools with Consent to Assess (Assessment Rules) and the Consent to Assess Against Standards on the Directory of Assessment Standards Rules 2011 (CAAS Rules).

A school is in breach of these rules if another organisation undertakes all or some of the responsibilities listed above but the school reports results to NZQA with its own provider code.

In all cases, the provider whose code is being used to report results must hold NZQA Consent To Assess for the particular standard(s).

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